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Where to watch F1 streams for free?

Top VPN Providers for Streaming F1

Formula One fans are always in search of ways to stream the upcoming season of the Grand Prix. As they are aware of the F1 license agreements, because of which the live streaming for races is only available in specific locations, such as the Netherlands, US, Canada, Australia, and a few more countries only. Therefore, F1 lovers take help from VPNs, which allows streaming access around the globe. 

Here arises the most important question, which one is the right among numerous available VPNs, for smooth F1 streaming? In this article, you’ll find the list of Top VPNs having widespread servers that bypass geo-blocks quickly for streaming services access, including Formula One TV Pro, Sling TV, etc. In addition, these VPN providers deliver high consistent speed for coherent streaming. 

Quick Summary for Best VPN Choices for F1 Streaming 

We have created a list of the five best VPN providers, that consistently work for high-quality F1 stream. 

  1. ExpressVPN: Top choice with thousands of servers globally, delivers uninterrupted 4K quality for F1 streaming. It also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee trial.  
  2. Private Internet Access: Tons of servers in various countries, reliable source to unblock F1 streaming, a bit complex for newcomers.
  3. CyberGhost: Beginner-friendly, specialized server for most F1 streaming sites, such as Sky Sports, Sling Tv, etc. 
  4. NordVPN: Efficient in unblocking F1 streaming sites with its built-in DNS smart feature, and doesn’t make any changes. And,  it is not compatible with every streaming site. 
  5. Surfshark: Affordable and easy-to-use app, that delivers comparatively slow speed when it is connected to a faraway server. 

Let’s move toward the details of these best VPNs;

Top VPN Providers for F1 Streaming: Complete Analysis 

We have selected these VPNs for our list due to some leading qualities. For instance, they are all fast enough and can bypass geo-blocks to stream the F1 championship in HD quality without buffering. Further, they are featured to provide native apps compatible with all major operating systems. Hence, you can watch Formula One on a device most convenient for you with any of these user-friendly VPNs. 

Formula One VPN Features: Quick Comparison Table

Top VPN 

Starting price 

Unblock Options 

Device Connections 



$6.67 /per month 

F1 Tv Pro, Sky Sports, RTL+, Sling TV, Kayo Sports, Servus TV, ESPN, etc. 


Top Choice with the fastest speed in comparison to contemporary 

Private Internet Access 

$ 2.03 /per month

F1 Tv Pro, Sky Sports, RTL+, Sling TV, Kayo Sports, Servus TV, ESPN, etc.


Quite fast connection 


$2.11 /per month 

F1 Tv Pro, Sky Sports, RTL+, Sling TV, Kayo Sports, Servus TV, ESPN, etc.


Efficient for 4K streaming 


$3.49 /per month 

F1 Tv Pro, Sky Sports, RTL+, Sling TV, Kayo Sports, Servus TV, ESPN, etc.


At good speed 


$2.30 / per month 

F1 Tv Pro, Sky Sports, RTL+, Sling TV, Kayo Sports, Servus TV, ESPN, etc.


Convenient, but not fast enough with faraway servers 


  1. ExpressVPN 

Among all other VPNs out there, ExpressVPN is a top choice according to numerous test reports. It comes with an excellent speed range with zero buffering to deliver uninterrupted F1 streaming. Further, it serves similarly all around the world, without geo-restrictions. For instance, people have observed consistently the equivalent fast speed of ExpressVPN server’s connection in the UK, Us, South Africa, Austria, Asia, etc. 

This VPN server network not only loads live sports events (F1 races, etc.) within seconds, but also ensures the streams with ultra HD quality. You will have enough streaming options for Formula One streaming live anywhere. Moreover, obfuscation technology veils and presents the VPN traffic like regular traffic, escaping the root of VPN blocking. 

Key Features 

  • Split Tunneling 

The feature allows its users to select the traffic for VPN. Therefore, you can easily browse regional websites through the VPN to get access to the content of some other locations. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth 

The network comes along with no hitting to data caps, which means you can stream F1 Grand Prix as much as you can. 

  • Lightweight  Protocol

The lightweight protocol allows maximum speed by using a less code system. As a result, you can stream the Grand Prix in ultra HD quality no matter where you are. 

  • Beginner-Friendly 

The apps are straightforward and intuitive so you can connect with a server and start streaming with some clicks, effortlessly. 

ExressVPN is quite expensive in comparison to other contemporary VPNs, although it’s worth it. Most of all, all the subscriptions come with a thirty-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the services. 


  1. Private Internet Access 


It’s a vast network VPN service, that assists in finding a server to reach your favorite Formula One streaming sites, without trouble. For instance, you can easily unblock servers in Austria, Germany, the US, France, etc. unblock RTL+, ESPN, ORF, and Canal+ subscriptions within no time. The connections remain stable without experiencing VPN drops even when connected to servers far away. And there is no server congestion complaint which is usually caused due to overcrowding. 

Speeds are great in terms of live streaming, so you can watch the Grand Prix without interruption in HD quality. Even when multiple device connections are formed, there is no noticeable change in the speed image quality of the video. As it supports unlimited device connections.  

Key Features 

  • Dedicated IP Address 

The Dedicated IPs exclusively permit the use of an IP address, so you can avoid VPN blocks on the streaming sites of F1. 

  • Find a Fast Server, Quickly

Servers are arranged through latency, so you can select the suitable one for streaming plus game lag-free. 

  • Streaming-Optimized Servers

Private Internet Access has servers in countries particular for optimal streaming, such as Finland, UK, Denmark, and US. 

  • Customizable Apps

The apps can be customized according to your needs – fast speed or robust security. 

PIA might seem intimidating to beginners because of the customizable options it holds. However, it comes pre-configured, so you can directly jump to F1 streaming without going through the settings. The monthly subscription package is comparatively less expensive with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. 


  1. CyberGhost

This VPN server network stands among the most convenient and user-friendly service providers. If you have never come across a VPN, still using CyberGhost’s streaming-optimized servers, people can get easy access to the F1, globally. Further, the download and installation process is quite convenient and can be done in less than five minutes. Make the setting for instant finding servers list (which you prefer using) through “favorite” servers by clicking the star icon (present next to it). 

The optimized servers of this VPN deliver a satisfactory speed IN HD quality and with zero buffering, for the streaming of F1. Although it still stands at the third level in the list of top VPN providers for streaming F1. Additionally, it’s compatible with seven devices, simultaneously. 

Key Features 

  • Dedicated IPs

you can have dedicated IP addresses to ensure privacy through the VPN, although it comes at a little extra cost than a basic subscription. The benefit of using IPs is that you cannot get blocked while getting access to any streaming service. A suitable option to crack platforms that usually disallow a particular IP.  

  • Large Server Network 

Have a massive network in 91 countries with 9,574 servers, approximately. Out of these 11 server locations are only in the United States. Therefore, you can have easy access to your accounts even when you are abroad. 

  • WireGuard Protocol

The protocol (fastest usually) makes it an ideal choice to stream Formula One races in HD quality. 

  • IP and DNS leak Protection 

The service comes with powerful leak protection, so your actual location remains protected from snoops and hackers. 

You can try this VPN service for free through its money-back 45-day guarantee. In case of dissatisfaction, they will give a complete refund. The only drawback of CyberGhost is its short-term pricey plans, although long-term plans can be subscribed it costs a bit more than usual. 


  1. NordVPN 

The prominent feature of NordVPN is its ‘SmartPlay’ which allows secure Formula One streaming without going through the complicated setup. The DNS smart feature cloaks the IP address and automatically encrypts the internet connection. As a result, users can access their favorite F1 official streaming service without getting worried that the IP address might get blocked. 

Speeds are good enough, you cannot observe a speed drop with the WireGuard (proprietary protocol). Further, the intuitive apps for streaming F1 races make finding servers, straightforward. The Download and installation process is not complicated and requires less than six minutes to complete. 

Key Features

  • Obfuscated Servers

You can use Obfuscated server under the category “Specialized Servers” of Nord VPN. This helps in bypassing VPN-blocking technology so that you can watch F1 in countries with heavy internet restrictions.    

  • Extensive Knowledge 

The service comes with a feature of extensive knowledge, which means you can find step-by-step details and guides for anything that is VPN related. 

  • Global Coverage 

NordVPN is active in 60 countries with around 5,773 servers, making it a global platform. 

  • Browser Support 

The VPN provides browser extensions for Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. Therefore, you can keep yourself updated about Grand Prix’s latest driver stats, with online safety. 

The server network offers both short-term and long-term plans with slight variations in subscription costs. Its free trial is available with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. 


  1. Surfshark

The apps are structured for a balance of functionality and simplicity. Just with a specific click, you can get access to the county closed for your actual location even far away. The VPN shows a list of countries that are alphabetically organized. So, the connection is quite easy and can be done within 10 seconds, only. 

The service is available in 100 countries with 32,00 servers, getting easily around geo-restrictions to stream F1 races. For instance, with F1 TV Pro, Live TV, Hulu, YouTube TV accounts, etc. you can have unlimited connections simultaneously with a single subscription. 

Key Features 

  • Bypasser

The VPN split tunneling attribute allows the user to select which draft is going to use the usual internet and which draft is going to flow through the VPN. Hence, you stream the F1 race connected to another country’s server while using a local banking app. 

  • Ad Blocker CleanWeb

Effectively blocks annoying ads (including cookie pop-ups). Provides information if the website (which you are about to open) is known for malware. 

  • NoBorders Mode 

The feature allows to use the VPN even when the access is restricted. Simply, go to “Settings”, click on “Advanced” and toggle the switch NoBorders. 

  • Live Chat 24/7

The users can ask for their queries, anytime worldwide, as they reply quickly. 


All these VPN server networks are quite efficient in cracking geo-restricted streams such as Formula One. The only drawback is that you require a subscription to start. On the other hand, here we have, the site provides free streaming for all F1 Grand Prix 2023 races. Yes, all for free and with HD quality. Just visit the website and click on the race description that is going to start soon. And have fun watching your favorite race anywhere in the world. 


The 2022 Formula 1 season got underway in March and runs through early December. A total of over 21 grand prix events happening all over the world and will live broadcast all f1 streams. The whole Formula One tournament calendar is available on this page. Each grand prix is mentioned with the weekend when it will be held. Each grand prix has a stream icon adjacent to it that you may click to go to the specific website to watch F1 live stream for free.